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10th Long-term Business Plan - Overview

Copy and logo for our 10th long-term business plan (2016-2020)

The Food Marketing Company

Vision for our 10th long-term business plan (what we want to be)

The vision that the KOKUBU Group is aiming to achieve through its 10th long-term business plan̶which began as of 2016̶is to continue to respond proactively to the true business needs of our customers (i.e. all businesses dealing with food) as a "Food Marketing Company," and to become "Top-Rated Company for Customer Satisfaction". A Food Marketing Company is "a company that regards all businesses dealing with food as its customers; that can create the values that its customers require and build strong relationships with them; and can carry out activities that enable it to gain new values from its customers in return̶not in terms of monetary considerations or remunerations, but values such as trust, inspiration and empathy." Moving forward, we will endeavor to create new values towards the realization of our vision of KOKUBU Group as a Food Marketing Company

Shifting from the idea of "selling products" to "providing services"

Until now, the primary focus of KOKUBU Group´s wholesale business was on the sale of products. Our business partner base also consisted mainly of domestic companies in Japan, and was focused primarily around manufacturers, wholesalers, retail/Foodservice and other industry players involved in the distribution of foodstuffs. Moving forward, as a Food Marketing Company, KOKUBU Group will expand its business model to encompass not only the sale of "products" but also the provision of "services" offering our wholesale functions to all businesses involved in handling food. Of course, selling products also constitutes one element of the provision of services, and the basic premise of this concept is to also expand our sale of products through the expansion and diversification of our business model. By expanding into the provision of services from start-point of marketing, we will seek to escape from competition caused by market homogenization, and work towards the creation of new markets and businesses.

Shifting from the idea of
Shifting from the idea of
  1. 10th Long-term Business Plan - Overview