Board of Directors

number of sites / as of April 2021


Kanbei Kokubu Representative Director Chairman,and CEO
Akira Kokubu Representative Director President and COO
Yasutaka Kokubu Director Executive Vice President
Naoki Sugino Director Executive Managing Officer, Sales Strategy Group,Wholesale Group
Keisuke Yamazaki Director Executive Managing Officer, Chilled & Frozen Foods/ Delicatessen Group, (President, KOKUBU FOOD CREATE CORP.)
Masakuni Aizawa Director Executive Managing Officer, Corporate Planning Division, Supply Chain Business Group, Innovation Division, Healthcare Division.
Atsushi Monoi Director Executive Managing Officer, (President, KOKUBU SHUTOKEN CORP.)
Kaichi Suzuki Director Executive Managing Officer, Marketing & Merchandising Group, Food Service Business Group
Eiji Yamamoto Director Managing Officer,Compliance Section
Hidenori Tsuka Director Managing Officer,Head of Legal Affairs Division, President's Office
Taiji Ogiso Director Managing officer, Human Resources & Administration Division
Tsukasa Ogino Director Managing officer, Overseas Business Group, China General Representative
Tsunehiro Okumura Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Takaji Akiyama Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Tatsuo Kokubu Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Junichi Ukon Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Minoru Fukui Managing Officer, (President , KOKUBU CHUBU CORP.; Vice President, Chubu Branch Office of KOKUBU FOOD CREATE CORP.)
Satoshi Higashino Managing Officer, Liquors Division of Marketing & Merchandising Group
Keisuke Takanami Senior Executive Officer, KOKUBU FOOD CREATE CORP.; Assigned to Japan Delica Transport & Logistics Corp.; Strategy Promotion Division of Chilled & Frozen Foods/ Delicatessen Group, Kokubu Group Corp.
Ippei Ishibashi Managing Officer ,(President, NACX CORP.)
Koichi Suzuki Managing Officer, Finance & Accounting Division(President, KOKUBU BUSINESS EXPERT CORP.)
Takumi Hirai Managing Officer, Distribution Division, General Manager: Strategy Promotion Division of Sales Strategy Group.
Toshiya Sato Managing Officer, Information System Division, Digitalization Division of Supply Chain Business Group.
Yasuhiro Maehara Managing Officer, (President, KOKUBU KANTO-SHINETSU CORP.)
Hiroomi Imai Managing Officer, (President, KOKUBU KYUSHU CORP.)
Masaharu Kawano Managing Officer, (President, KOKUBU NISHI-NIHON CORP.)
Katsumi Suwa Managing Officer, (President, KOKUBU HOKKAIDO CORP.)
Kazuhiro Sato Managing Officer, (President, KOKUBU TOHOKU CORP.)
Takayuki Horiuchi Managing officer, Logistics Group.

Organization chart

Crisis Management Committee
Shareholders Meeting
Board Meeting
Executive Meeting
Strategy Planning & Management Headquarters
President's Office Audit Section Compliance Section
Long-term Business Plan Promotion Committee Quality Assurance Committee Environment Management Committee
Corporate Planning Division
Human Resources & Administration Division
Finance & Accounting Division
Legal Affairs Division
Information System Division
Quality Assurance Division
Logistics Group
Supply Chain Business Group
  • Innovation Division
  • Performance Reform Division
  • Digitalization Division
Marketing & Merchandising Group
  • Strategy Promotion Division
  • Marketing Division
  • Product Development Division
  • Processed Foods & Confectionary Division
  • Liquors Division
  • Chilled & Frozen Foods Division
Sales Strategy Group
  • Strategy Promotion Division
Chilled & Frozen Foods Delicatessen Group
  • Strategy Promotion Division
Overseas Business Group
  • Trade Division
  • China Division
  • ASEAN Division
Wholesale Group
Healthcare Group
Food Service Business Group
  • Strategy Promotion Division
  • Food Service Business Division
Distribution Division