Corporate Commitment, Corporate Philosophy, "Heisei no Chomoku"

The KOKUBU Group has earnest looked at our customers – manufacturers, retailers and consumers – from the perspective of a “wholesaler”, the core of distribution. We wholesalers, between manufacturers and retailers, have built the optimal distribution scheme to create added value by looking over the entire supply chain, connecting manufacturers with retailers and cooperating and collaborating with them both.
We will continue to cherish our corporate commitment – trust – and build a bountiful future for the next 100 years.

Kokubu Brand Corporate Commiement Trust Corporate Philosophy 'Abiding spirit and innovating power' We deliver enriched lifestyles through the medium of food Heisei no Chomoku The Kokubu Credo (serving as both an action charter and a behavioral code)
Corporate Commitment 'Trust' 'Trust' is the core of Kokubuʼs unchanging management philosophy and at the foundation of its corporate culture. It forms the basis of action by all Group employees. Corporate Philosophy 'Abiding spirit and innovating power' We will pass on the business we have built up over 300 years to the next generation.We will create happiness and smiles for everyone across the globe through food. The Kokubu Credo serving as both an action charter and a behavioral code 'Heisei no Chomoku' Kokubu has a 'chomoku' statement of corporate rules dating from our founding. It is our guideline to maintain 'trust' as our corporate commitment.

Heisei no Chomoku

We aim to retain customer confidence by maintaining our time-honored reputation. We work to contribute to society by providing quality products and services. We do not engage in business transactions merely for the purpose of gaining profit. We attempt to ensure harmony between individuals and groups by acting We respect the fundamental human rights of all people and are against any form We aim to abide by the rules and regulations of our company, our industry and society at large.We are committed to protecting the environment. We work to protect both the tangible and intangible assets of our company.