Privacy Policy

KOKUBU GROUP CORP. recognizes the need to protect personal information, including information regarding its customers, and pledges that such information will be handled in a respectful manner by all employees of Kokubu Group companies.

Privacy Policy

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

Kokubu Group companies will collect personal information after clarifying collection purposes and within the scope of the purposes. In addition, we will use personal information strictly within the scope outlined.

2. Management and Protection of Personal Information

Kokubu Group companies place strict controls on personal information and will not provide or disclose personal information to any third parties without prior consent. In addition, we will implement proper preventive measures and corrective action to prevent unauthorized access to, or loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of, personal information.

3. Applicable Laws, etc.

Kokubu Group companies will comply with all laws and rules applicable to personal information that we hold.

4. Continuous Improvement of the Personal Information Protection and Management System and Structure

Kokubu Group companies will continue to improve the management system and structure for the protection of personal information.

April 1, 2016
Kanbei Kokubu XII
Chairman, President and CEO KOKUBU GROUP CORP

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