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The KOKUBU Group is a Food Marketing Company.

For more than three centuries since its establishment in 1712, KOKUBU has been engaged in food distribution. The environment surrounding food, such as consumers´ tastes and lifestyles, globalization and expansion of the Internet, is changing consistently and rapidly. The KOKUBU Group, as "Food Marketing Company", will proactively continue to respond to the true needs of all businesses dealing with food to have new value, the best customer satisfaction rating. In Japan, as "Community-based Nationwide Wholesaler", we will fulfill our functions by collaboration of area companies all over the country. And outside Japan, we will strive to expand our wholesale operations and distribution business. We will continuously respect our corporate commitment "Trust", and endeavor to achieve new innovations as a valuable corporate group that serves customers, in the pursuit of our corporate philosophy: "Abiding spirit and innovating power - We deliver enriched lifestyles through the medium of food".

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