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Marketing Functions

A Food Marketing Company KOKUBU

Proposing enriched lifestyles for customers

Our business partners cut across a vast swath of businesses, including manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and foodstuff, GMSs, supermarkets, CVSs, department stores, drug stores, independent retailers, liquor stores, online shopping sites, restaurant chains, and bars and restaurants. Wholesalers are the link that brings manufacturers and sellers together. "What sells well?" "How to sell?" "How to pull in customers?". Promoting safety of manufacturing sites, supporting product-development, creating enjoyable retail stores for customers, we will march forward together with clients by deciphering the varied needs of all food-related clients by creating and providing products, logistics, and services. "Providing people with the products they need." This "Retail Support" is the original function of wholesaler

Proposal of products, shelf allocation, store design ... and "Life".

Consumption patterns are undergoing rapid changes due to increase of single-person and two-person households by low birth rate and aging population. What measures can be taken and how can we respond to the trends and the changing needs of our clients? We can not appeal to consumers simply by drawing attention to the fact that the product sells well. We will study product development, product line. Store design and price from comsumersʼ point of view. We will consider product line, shelf allocation, sales promotion, price, service and regionality for consumersʼ satisfaction. And, we will design and propose ideal hospitality of store.

Listening to the consumersʼ opinions and deciphering trends and signs.

We operate eleven websites, including Guruppa, a site for communicating with consumers online, and Kantsuma Club. By systematically ascertaining the lifestyles and preferences of consumers and utilizing the results of this process for marketing purposes, we propose more effective product development promotion. We believe that listening to the consumersʼ opinions, predicting the future, and reading the signs are keys to being a food-marketing company.

Listening to the consumersʼ opinions and deciphering trends and signs.
  1. Marketing Functions