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Overseas Business

Developing Japanese-style wholesaling functions overseas, mainly in China and the ASEAN region

Optimizing overseas food distribution

Amid a declining population, the Japanese food market is on a downward spiral. In contrast, as emerging countries continue to see rapid economic development and alongside population growth in developing countries the worldʼs food markets continue to grow. In light of this, the retailing and foodservice industries in Japan are accelerating overseas development, while the manufacturing industry are also strengthening its tendency to place greater emphasis on overseas markets. In response to such environmental changes, we will strive to optimize our food distribution business overseas.

Contributing to the development of local distribution

We will actively expand our overseas business presence, with a primary focus on China and the ASEAN region. By establishing and fulfilling high-quality Japanese-style wholesaling functions, we will support Japanese companies' businesses and contribute to the development of local distribution. We have been implementing logistics and wholesaling businesses in China and Vietnam since 2010, as well as expanding into Myanmar in 2013 before the rest of the industry; and will continue to explore the possibilities of all food-related businesses.

Expanding and enhancing our trading businesses, advancing the construction of our distribution networks, and contributing to the further advancement of Japanese food culture

Spreading Japanese food culture worldwide through Kokubuʼs trading businesses

Chinese people take delight in eating sushi; European people form a long line in front of a ramen noodle restaurant. These sights, which we could not imagine in the past, are now becoming commonplace. Japanese food culture has become widespread, and is now part of everyday life in many cities overseas. Throughout the almost 160-year long history of its export businesses, Kokubu has played important role in spreading Japanese food culture around the world̶a history that dates back to start of our tea trade in 1859. Now we export around 10,000 Japanese food products and alcoholic beverages, produced by around 1,000 different manufacturers, to 50 countries worldwide; and aim to continue expanding our export activities even further in the future.

Establishing relationships beneficial to all three parties - customers, suppliers, and Kokubu

Even in overseas transactions, we ensure our business activities are rooted in the "wholesaler spirit", differentiating ourselves from other trading firms. Based on the Kokubu Stance that "Kokubu never obtains profits without benefiting customers and business partners," we constantly strive to do business that is beneficial to both our customers and our suppliers. Including collaborations with other our overseas business, we plan to further expand our export both in scale and area. By establishing Win-Win-Win relationships with more customers and suppliers, we will contribute to the further development of the food and alcoholic beverage industry in Japan and the Japanese food culture as a whole.

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