KOKUBU Solution

Growing Business

We further strengthen business of health care and nursing care as well as online sales (omni-channel support).

Further expanding business domain by taking advantage of our wholesaling functions.

The environment surrounding Japan's distribution industry has changed to a great extent and new businesses and partnerships beyond the traditional framework of business types and categories are now emerging. With the coming of aging of the population and the development of IT, the locations where consumers are purchasing goods are undergoing substantial changes. Under these circumstances, the Kokubu Group is striving to further evolve wholesaling functions that we have been cultivating for over 300 years and strengthening development of new sales channels, products, and categories.

Reinforcing our healthcare and nursing care business.

We will promote new business models responding to the elderly market and self-medication in collaboration with pharmaceutical wholesalers Ohki Co., Ltd., and Toho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,OpenWindow as well as create new food markets responding to demand in the fields of healthcare and nursing care.

Reinforcing our online sales (omni-channel support) business.

Along with the progress of omni-channels, place to shop has been diversifying, from real stores to online stores. In accordance with consumer purchasing actions, we will implement omni-channel support measures meeting the needs of existing and new business partners.

  1. Growing Business