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Merchandising functions

Frozen/chilled products

We seek to promote functions of offering frozen/chilled products and strengthening of logistics functions.

Strengthening merchandising in the category of frozen/chilled products.

As a strengthened business for the Kokubu Group, the category of frozen/chilled products is the focus of efforts to develop original products. We will help clients expand sales by reinforcing merchandising functions and ascertaining market needs.

Developing frozen/chilled logistics to meet the needs of our clients.

The comprehensive optimization of the supply chain through the reinforcement of logistics is proceeding. Thanks primarily to the functions of large general-purpose centers capable of accommodating three temperature zones each, we aim to put together a main-line logistics network in collaboration with distribution partners and provide a logistics network nationwide for both supply and procurement in order to meet the needs of all clients.

Products developed by Delicious Cook.
Products developed by Kokubu Food Create.
  1. Frozen/chilled products