KOKUBU Solution
Merchandising functions

Food service

We provide foodservice industry with high quality products and services.

Delivering foodstuff of all categories to all food-related clients.

The mission of our foodservice business is to procure business-use products suitable for a wide variety of business categories̶ large restaurant chains and operators of company cafeterias and nursing-care facilities̶and then provide client businesses with enhanced value.

  • [For restaurant chains]
    We procure foodstuff and ingredients to meet the particular needs of major restaurant users, including family restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and izakaya pubs.
  • [For company cafeterias]
    We supply all foodstuffs and ingredients together for company and factory cafeterias to each establishment.
  • [For nursing-care facilities]
    Meals for the residents of nursing-care facilities are provided 365 days a year.
  • [For manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and foodstuff]
    We supply raw ingredients as well as materials and packaging to manufacturers.

We support our clients, by offering all of our functions.

The key to our success as a business-use wholesaler is to determine how we can provide creative solutions to clients. Not only supplying products, but we extend logistics support (through delivery to each establishment), operate an online ordering system and, most importantly, make product proposals and provide information in a manner that cannot be replicated by our competitors.

Functions of Kokubu


Our three temperatures distribution centers throughout Japan provide highly efficient logistical support at low cost.

Online ordering system

Specially developed from the perspective of wholesalers, our online ordering system can be customized for each client and offers functions that leave nothing to be desired.

Three productproposal considering

1. Marketing ‒ both domestic and overseas ‒
We can procure a wide variety of products from 10,000 suppliers. We can discover the finest products through partnerships with Group companies throughout Japan.
2. Merchandising
We support the development of PB products the needs of clients, such as cost and operational effi- ciencies.
3. Production
We develop original products by collaborating with Asahi Trust Foods (a breadcrumb manufacturer), Delicious Cook (a vendor of prepared dishes), and other Group companies, as well as OEM companies that are perfectly positioned for each category.