KOKUBU Solution
Merchandising functions

Marine products

We are expanding the handling of fresh seafood and seeking to offer full product line.

Expanding multifaceted, organized seafood business.

Seafood is essential for the food culture of Japan. In executing our full-line strategy designed to cover all areas of food, we are proactively engaged in the seafood business. In addition to handling the seafood products nationwide, we formed a business alliance with Daito Gyorui, the largest wholesaler of marine products in the industry, to develop a more strategic, specialized business. We have appointed persons in charge of seafood merchandising within the company and established a seafood division at Senmi, a group company based in metropolitan Tokyo. We intend to develop products jointly with local operators, implement multifaceted, organized initiatives, and meet needs on a timely and suitable basis.

Making effective sales proposals by a large selection of items.

Our seafood clients range from supermarkets and other retailers to foodservice industry. So, we are handling wide variety of items from fresh fish to processed seafood. The Kokubu Group will make effective sales proposals based on client needs by its unique ability to make sales proposals, by its low-temperature logistical network, and by its ability to develop the required elements for such a network and that possesses extensive knowledge and expertise concerning the seafood sector.