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Merchandising functions

Exclusive merchandise

We are committed to sharing the magnificence of Japanese foodstuffs and alcoholic beverages with as many people as possible in Japan and overseas from the point of view of small business operators.

Exceptional merchandise uniquely offered by Kokubu for your dinner table.

In order to precisely meet the diversifying needs of consumers, the Kokubu Group is working to develop and discover products. By undertaking initiatives together with uniquely innovative manufacturers with extensive expertise and deep roots in the local community, we have managed to bring more than 10,000 items to market. We will continue to discover exceptional domestic and overseas products from a viewpoint of fantastic flavors, gratification, and good health and are committed to helping consumers serve them at home.

Premium, trusted, traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage brands made right here in Japan.

Japanese alcoholic beverage brands exclusively sold by the Kokubu Group consist of 65 items of Seisyu (saké), authentic shochu (distilled spirits), and Japanese liqueurs in collaboration with fifteen domestic manufacturers. By combining our comprehensive functions to sell, cultivate, and develop, we handle products that can be sold with peace of mind by retailers and enjoyed by consumers.

Bringing cultivated saké, shochu, and wine to markets in Japan and around the world.

With the objective of bringing to market a full line of domestically produced alcoholic beverages, we launched a new program in 2011. In order to share the magnificence of Japanese alcoholic beverages with as many people as possible, we cultivate products in three different areas: saké, shochu, and wine. While making sure to include special local brands from across Japan, we cultivate Japanese alcoholic beverages with a focus on Jizake Kuramotokai for saké, a focus on the four major production regions (Ryukyu, Iki, Kuma, and Satsuma) for shochu beverages, and an emphasis on the high quality of domestically grown grapes for wines. Our aim is to ultimately convey the wonderful qualities of Japanese alcoholic beverages to the entire country and the world at large.