KOKUBU Solution
Merchandising functions


We promote merchandising in a way that earns us the trust of our clients.

Developing confections that provide consumers with unique added values.

Group company Nihombashi Kabou, are currently developing proprietary products with an emphasis on consumer perspective, safety, and security. We are involved in developing a broad range of services and goods, including products jointly developed with food and alcoholic beverage manufacturers and long-established stores in Nihombashi, snacks readily available in stores where alcoholic beverages are sold, valued-added products designed to emphasize taste and health, and confections that have stayed true to local cultural influences.

Products developed by Nihombashi Kabou.

From major brand products to local confections.

By promoting the development of a network together with independent confectionery wholesalers across the country, we are working to create a group with a potent presence in the confectionery industry and expand our business operations in this field.