KOKUBU Solution
Merchandising functions

Agricultural products

A new business for establishing a full product line.

Making a foray into a growing field with the incorporation of business viewpoints.

We are promoting the expansion of sales of agricultural products as a new business. The business of agricultural products is a growing field. By concluding business tie-ups with the alliance “Hasshakai” that consists of Tokyo Seika, the biggest domestic agricultural products wholesaler in Japan, and seven other leading agricultural products wholesalers in the country, we strive to enhance functions for procuring, planning projects for, and selling agricultural products.

Aiming to develop an agricultural business creating values sought by clients.

From now on, we will fortify our abilities to procure and sell agricultural products and establish an agricultural business for the Kokubu Group. We aim to comprehensively optimize agricultural logistics to meet the needs of clients seeking a full line of products. We will create the sorts of value desired by clients, such as by supplying raw ingredients for manufacturers and exporting agricultural products.