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Logistics Functions

Promoting global operations with the aim of fortifying and streamlining logistical capabilities.

Fortifying logistical capabilities across Japan and around the world.

In order to provide future-oriented support for distribution capabilities as infrastructural elements essential for living properly, the Kokubu Group is working to reinforce logistical capabilities. By establishing comprehensive logistical sites to handle dry, chilled, frozen, and fresh foods and organically incorporate them into our transportation and delivery network, we can harness intermediate distribution capabilities rooted both in nationwide areas and in local communities. At the same time, we will fortify the caliber of operations and promote the standardization of logistical operations and systems. We are also taking advantage of our logistical capabilities and expertise in Japan to build logistical capabilities and cold-chain capabilities in China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and other new overseas markets. The Kokubu Group also aims to evolve further in terms of logistical capabilities with the entire world as our stage.

Building the 3OD+PLUS concept for the integration of SCM logistical capabilities.

The Kokubu Group applies logistical capabilities to its operations. On the wholesaling front, we apply to multiple clients through different temperature zones?room temperature, low temperature, and refrigerated?in logistical facilities known as multipurpose centers. On the retail front with respect to exclusive products, we have deployed functions through the One-Order/One-Delivery system (3OD logistics concept), which offers dedicated functions tailored to benefit retailers. We have also developed logistical capabilities for manufacturers to facilitate the handling of everything from inventory maintenance to shipping as they relate to everyone and everything from room-temperature manufacturers to low-temperature and frozen goods. We then integrate these logistical capabilities and promote our new logistical concept, 3OD+PLUS, in hopes of achieving further streamlining and higher-level functions. It will then be possible for us to bring together multiple temperature-zone products and logistical capabilities for the production, distribution, and sales of these products. To prepare for the deployment of the 3OD+PLUS concept, we are helping to construct general-purpose centers with triple temperature zone functions in core cities across Japan.

Kokubu's optimum logistics
Kokubu's optimum logistics

Kokubu Group?s logistics network

Kokubu Group?s logistics network (Image diagram)
Kokubu Group?s logistics network (Image diagram)

The number of domestic distribution centers(Area classified)

areas Non temperature controlled Temperature controlled Total
Hokkaido 16 12 28
Tohoku 21 8 29
Kanshinetsu 27 25 52
shutoken 46 11 57
Chubu 19 12 31
Nishinihon 36 32 68
Kyushu 25 9 34
Total 190 109 299

(number of sites / as of December 2019)

The Nishi-Tokyo Distribution Center is the biggest facility of its kind in the Tokyo metropolitan area and is capable of supporting logistics across three temperature zones.

Established in the city of Akishima, Tokyo, in 2016, the Nishi-Tokyo Distribution Center is set up to house a triple temperature zone warehouse for refrigerated, frozen, and room-temperature items on the first and second floors and a warehouse for room-temperature items on the third and fourth floors. A four-story ramp-way system allows vehicles to dock at any floor as required. This center serves a broad region consisting of the Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Yamanashi areas and handles 13,500 room-temperature items and 8,000 refrigerated and frozen items. It is a distribution center at the hub of the Metropolitan area where the logistical concept known as 3OD+PLUS is being implemented.

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