KOKUBU key figures

Let's introduce KOKUBU Group by some figures to be understood easily.

  • 308 years
    Established in 308 years ago

    Kanbei KOKUBU V, borned in Izawa where was the southern area of Ise-matsusaka, started the business in Edo-Nihonbashi since 1712. It is recorded that he was dealing with the Kimono trade as well as started the soy sauce brewing operation at the period of establishment. In the early Meiji period, it converted to a foodstuff-wholesaling while withdrawing from the soy sauce brewing industry.

  • JPY1,891.6billion
    Annual Sales (KOKUBU Group) JPY 1,891,676,000,000

    The KOKUBU Group's annual sales for the fiscal year ended December 2019 was JPY 1,891.6 billions.

  • 35,000companies
    The number of our customers is about 35,000

    We have dealings with about 35,000 companies, including supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, drug stores, liquor shops, food-service and meal-supplying, mail-order and net trade, etc.

  • 10,000companies
    The number of our clients is about 10,000 companies.

    We have business with about 10,000 manufacturers to meet the needs of our customers.

  • 600,000items
    The number of product line-up is about 600,000 items.

    The number of product line-up is about 600,000 items, such as processed foods, alcoholic drinks, confectionery, frozen chilled and fresh food, etc.

  • 299locations
    The number of domestic distribution centers is 299 locations.

    The logistics network covering the whole dometic area is built up by 299-location distribution centers. Also we have logistics functions in China and the ASEAN.

  • 41companies
    The number of subsidiaries is 41 companies.

    KOKUBU Group is formed by domestic and overseas 41 subsidiaries and 18 associate companies.

  • 60countries
    We export to 60 countries.

    Currently, we export foods and alcoholic drinks to 60 countries, mainly Asia, Europe and North America.

  1. KOKUBU key figures