Keeping on Pursuing Good Taste

What is the Food Marketing Company?

KOKUBU, Connoisseur of Food

As a connoisseur of wholesaling cultivated over many years, we procure merchandise carefully selected from all over the country even the world, and make proposals concerning the hot-selling items and the potential to be saleable in the market to our customers.

The number of suppliers is over 10,000 in domestic and foreign countries, collecting over 600,000 items.
The merchandise handled are processed foods, alcoholic drinks, the confectionery, the delicatessen, chilled food, frozen foood and the fresh produce, etc.
KOKUBU, delivering the good taste
We are also struggling to develop the KOKUBU original merchandise utilizing the regional materials.

Merchandising Capabilities

Working towards the realization of Food Marketing Company

■ From the viewpoint of a telescope to read and understand the entire market
■ From the viewpoint of a microscope to look into the customers, the areas and the merchandise
■ From viewpoint of an X-ray to understand what the consumers really want
As the triple viewpoint, the market can be three-dimensionally visualized so that we can find out the appropriate answers and make concrete proposals, e.g. what sells well , how to sell, how to pull in customers and how to improve the efficiency, etc.
Our customers are retailers, consumers, manufacturers, and all food-related ones. The marketing of KOKUBU serves to seek the optimum solution for each customer.

Marketing Functions

  1. What is the Food Marketing Company?