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10th Long-term Business Plan

Strategy overview

KOKUBU will construct a new business model by combining its customers (i.e. all businesses dealing with food) with new value

Customers (all businesses dealing with food)

The KOKUBU Groupʼs 10th long-term business plan regards all business involved in dealing with food as customers. The term "customers" as used here refers not only to individual enterprises, but includes also whole business types and areas. Moving forward, in addition to of course strengthening our relationships with existing clients, the KOKUBU Group will work to clearly identify new business types and/or existing business segments into which we should focus our energies further, and to develop our business infrastructure.

Provision of value

We believe that continuing to create and provide the values demanded by our customers is essential to our becoming a Food Marketing Company. In our 10th long-term business plan, we place the various functions and activities that we implement in order to meet the needs of our customers as added values that the KOKUBU Group should provide. Moving forward, we will continue to develop and enhance functions such as products, services and logistical capabilities that lead to the creation of such values. By providing the optimal values to match the needs of our customers, we aim to become "Top-Rated Company for Customer Satisfaction".

Achieving the establishment of marketing companies in local areas (communitybased nationwide wholesale) and overseas business operations as a "core" business

Towards a "community-based nationwide wholesale" model

The "community-based nationwide wholesale" model that the KOKUBU Group is aiming to establish through its 10th long-term business plan is a framework in which the companies in various areas take root firmly within their respective communities and regions, becoming the main industry players in the food-related economic zones they cover (on an area-by-area basis), while at the same time strengthening ties between areas and enabling the Group to provide unique value that is possible only with nationwide wholesale. By abandoning a standardized nationwide approach in favor of offering area-specific marketing that is firmly rooted in the food culture of each community, the KOKUBU Group will meet the true needs of all of its customers, and exert its national wholesale functions more than ever before, as we aim to become the company that is associated most commonly with community-based nationwide wholesale.

Towards a "community-based nationwide wholesale" model
Towards a "community-based nationwide wholesale" model

Establishment of overseas business operations as a "core" business

As a strategy against the shrinking domestic market, we will establish overseas business operations as another "core" business for our Group. Focusing primarily around the three core pillars of (1) augmenting our existing export/import business, (2) advancing the further expansion of our existing Chinese business and (3) additional efforts to create new business and develop existing business in the ASEAN region, we will continue to increase the KOKUBU Group´s presence in the world of international business.

Establishment of overseas business operations as a "core" business
Establishment of overseas business operations as a "core" business

Aiming to develop all human resources as marketer to drive forward our long-term business plan

The realization of our Food Marketing Company vision hinges on each and every employee

As we move towards achieving the realization of our 10th long-term business plan, we will aim to create a system of total marketing personnel development, in which each individual employee comes face to face with their respective markets and customers, and participate in activities to raise the level of customer satisfaction. Moving forward, we will aim to develop highly specialized human resources who are capable of implementing their own PDCA cycles, and seek to achieve maximum utilization of their individual abilities.

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