Retail support capabilities

Offering proposals for “enriched lifestyles” to consumers

Providing support to all business categories dealing with food

We service a wide range of customers, including mass merchandisers, supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, drugstores, independent retailers, liquor stores, Internet retailers, food-service chains and restaurants. Despite the differences in needs emerging from such variation, we do not let efficiency concerns define how we work with our customers. Instead, based on the spirit of "Koakinai" we carefully respond to the different needs of each individual business format. We consider our food distribution activities to form part of the basic infrastructure of society, just like gas, electricity and water. Furthermore, we think the ability to provide food products via all available channels and "deliver the things to the people who want them" is fundamental to the wholesale function. The activities that go into this are what we collectively call "retail support."

Making lifestyle-enriching proposals concerning products, allocation of shelf space, and sales floor

As Japan's birthrate declines, its population ages, and single- and two-person households start to dominate, the country's consumption habits are rapidly changing. We need to more than simply sell products in order to win the hearts and minds of consumers. Thus, we are striving to analyze and understand consumer preferences and dietary habits, including what people eat and who they eat it with. Based on the results, we make proposals concerning products, the allocation of shelf space, sales floor and stores in general, with the aim of helping consumers enjoy richer lifestyles.

The data is output by Japan Inforex, Inc. using the Shoku MAP (Shokutaku Market Analysis and Planning) system.

Conducting market research and proposing future directions

We operate food information websites including the "Kantsuma Club" site and "JIZAKE KURAMOTOKAI" site. On our consumer feedback site, "Gruppa," we collect consumer opinions via various questionnaires and consumer blogs for analysis. Using the information we have gathered from consumers, we systematically examine consumer lifestyles and preferences and utilize the results to propose more effective product development and promotion activities at point of sale sites.