Quality Control capabilities

Safety and security delivered with thorough quality control ensured from the two perspectives of manufacturing and distribution

Promoting thorough product quality control from the perspective of a manufacturer

To establish solid supply chain management from the viewpoint of safety and security, we work on quality control enhancement from the aspects of both manufacturing quality control and distribution quality control. In regard to manufacturing quality control, we strive to establish relationships of trust with customers through quality control from a wide range of aspects. Specifically, we implement hygiene control at manufacturing plants based on the three "Gen" principle of placing emphasis on Gen-butsu ("actual thing"), Gen-chi ("actual place"), and Gen-jitsu ("actual situation"), prevent product accidents from occurring by ensuring compliance with the manufacturing rules, and respond to a variety of inquiries about products from customers in a quick, fair, and humble manner.

Pursuing quality control that we should achieve as a distributor

Quality and Hygiene Control Meeting hosted by Kokubu

As for our distribution quality controls, we strive to assure top product quality until the moment products are delivered to customers. Our systematic approach to quality control, as well as our efforts to enhance our organizational structures, allows us to continue to deliver enriched lifestyles through ensuring safe and secure manufacturing and distribution of products.

Basic Quality Control Policy