New Business

Challenging new businesses beyond the traditional framework, including health and Internet businesses

Launching new businesses that utilize our wholesaling capabilities

The environment surrounding Japan's distribution industry has changed to a great extent, and new businesses and partnerships beyond the traditional framework of business types and categories are now becoming the norm. Against the backdrop of a rapidly aging society and the development of IT, consumer buying spot is also about to change greatly. In these circumstances, the Kokubu Group is striving to further enhance our wholesaling capabilities cultivated over 300 years, and launch new businesses, including the development of new domestic sales routes, products, and categories.

Promoting the establishment of new business models and capabilities in the fields of health and the Internet

With the enforcement of the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, we have been promoting new business models to respond to the elderly market and the self-medication arena in cooperation with Ohki Co., Ltd. and Toho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., both of which are pharmaceutical wholesale companies. We will also work to create a new food market to respond to health-conscious consumers. In addition, we have quickly responded to the diversified Internet business and are working hard to establish our ability to propose solutions tailored to the diverse needs of customers.

"Kokusan Aojiru (domestically produced green juice)," a product jointly developed with the Ohki Group
Striving to enter a new health-oriented food category
New products for pharmacies developed in cooperation with pharmacists
Sales promotion plans prepared in cooperation with nationally registered nutritionists