Information System capabilities

Safe and secure information systems infrastructure

Supporting the growth of the entire Kokubu Group with proprietary information systems

Information is the key to efficient distribution without loss. With our information systems, developed based on the concepts of "open," "centralized" and "functional distribution and consolidation," we are able to finely-tune our responses to changes in distribution and huge volume of transactions, on a nationwide scale. These information system capabilities are utilized for making a "quick response to business expansion and changes in the business environment," "improvement of profitability" and "development of new businesses" and operate as safe and secure KOKUBU Group business infrastructure around the clock 365 days a year.

Operating three aligned systems to flexibly support our expanding business

Kokubu's information system is grounded in KMS, a business and accounting system centered on financial accounting; KLS, a logistics and ordering system; and KIS, a information and analysis system that deals with sales information. These three systems organically work together while maintaining independence, and this means that we can flexibly respond to the ever-expanding businesses of the Kokubu Group. In addition, we have prepared measures against disasters using a communication satellite to back up the information handled by these systems on a real-time basis. Our information infrastructure keeps operating at any time.